Telecasters is a video production club at Michigan State University. We are made up of five different shows that each have their own unique style and focus.

This group is a great place to learn, meet new people, and have some fun! Whether you like to act, write, produce, direct, edit, or anything else... Telecasters is the place for you!

Interested in joining? Contact us at the form below and we will let you know the best way to get involved!


In the 1950s, a group called MSU Broadcasters was formed by a few students from the Department of Radio, Television, and Film in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. This group intended to provide themselves with an opportunity to enhance their experience in television by producing and directing their own programs. MSU Broadcasters, in cooperation with WKAR-TV, began operating out of WKAR's studios originally located in World War II vintage Quonset huts at the site of the Jack Breslin Student Events Center. Under the supervision of Channel 23's staff, the students of MSU Broadcasters gained first-hand knowledge in television production in an effort to supplement their academic experience. What they didn't know was that they were laying the groundwork for what would become the largest, most active student-run production company in the United States.

Previous Shows include: Giraffe House, MSU&U, Short Attention Span, Focal Point, Sixs Wild, Apt 6, Uplink, Face To Face, Zoorific, Profile, Upfront, On Line Lansing, The Green and White (Report), Videosynchrasies, Triv-Quest, Spartan Sports


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